Integrated Solar Flood Light - 500Lm, 5W

Slim design with foldable light. Advanced sensor with wide detection angle and optimum sensitivity.
High Quality and efficient mono-crystaline silicon solar panel.
Flexible integrated solar and light panels Light is optimised by an optical lens which
increase brightness.High-performance Lithium battery for larger capacity and a longer useful life.
Battery is replaceable. 360°Adjustable bracket and a 135° adjustable light panel for different lighting requirements.Two working modes for different applications in different seasons.

Product Model : LD-SFL-5W-Leadpad
Power : 5W
Solar Panel : 2.3Wp Mono-crystalline silicon
Charging Time: 6 - 7 Hours per day
LED Type : SMD 2835*30pcs
Product Color : Black
IP Class : IP65
Housing Material : ABS+PC
Overall Dimension : 232mm x 150mm x 34mm
Lumens : 500Lm
Li-ion Battery : 18650/3000mAH/3.7V Replaceable
Working Time
Mode A (Sensor Mode): Motion detected - 100% brightness,
no motion detected after 20 seconds - 10% brightness.
(when battery is below 30% the light will work on 100% with
motion detection for 20 seconds only) - 4 to 5 nights.
Mode B (Constant Light Mode): Press the button for 3 seconds and
the light will be constantly on with the motion sensor disabled - 6 Hours.
PIR Sensor Range
Detection angle: 120°
Detection area: ≤6m
Beam Angle 90°
Working Temperature -15C°- 50C°
Warranty 2 years (Battery - 1 year)