Very often the easiest way to solve problems with a computer and restore it to as-new operation is to completely reformat and reload the hard drive!

Pro IT Support undertakes system reloads of Windows 7, 8 and 10. (We do not recommend Vista in any form!!)

Our process is to back up the entire contents of the hard drive to external storage (including email and contacts), reformat the hard drive and reload the relevant Windows version, load the essential system drivers, add-ons and any software provided by the client, restore all data (including emails) and configure the computer for optimum performance. We do NOT load applications that are not provided.

Don't have the Driver Disks for your computer? We offer the facility of downloading the latest drivers for your motherboard, video card and other devices.

System reloads do take a considerable amount of time, but as much of it is unattended we charge a standard rate of 3 hours labour. Should we be required to download drivers, this will be charged as an additional hour.